Coaching that Fits Who You Are

  • Find your unique sound

  • Sing with confidence

  • Improve¬† your voice

So, you want to improve your voice? Maybe increase your range, build your confidence, sing with power, get rid of your stage fright? I can tell you from experience, that singing is about 90% attitude and 10% ability. Don’t get me wrong, that 10% of ability MATTERS! But, how people hear your voice, the thing that makes people want to stand up and clap when you are done–that, friends, can all be credited to your attitude and the confidence you exude. I can show you how to get there.¬† You have a unique sound, a unique vocal flavor that makes you, well, you. I help you find that sound and perfect it.

From the beginner to the professional, I’ll work with you on maximizing your potential as a performer. BEYOND scales and exercises, I want to teach you how to go the distance with your voice, how to develop your sound into something that people want to hear. I’m going to help you gain confidence and to learn to use vocal skill and technique, in a way that won’t hold you back from singing with power and passion.

Adia Peterson

Lead Voice Instructor and Founder of V.O.W. Coaching


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